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Sovereign gold

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Great Britain Sovereign 916/1000 alloy (7,322gr. fine gold)

(mixed years)

Minted with same size and gold content since 1817 the Sovereign is one most common gold coins of the world. Its alloy of 22 karat (crown gold – 916,7/1000) was used for the Krugerrand, the American Eagle and the South African Rand as well. There are different types but most bullion coins show Saint George killing a Dragon. All Sovereign are a legal tender and they are still minted today.

relevant data:
material: gold
alloy: 916,7/1000
fine gold content: 7,322 gram
size/diameter: 22,05 mm
year of mintage: mixed years
nominal: 1 Pound

matching equipment
coin capsule: 22,5 mm Ø
coin case: up to 30 mm Ø
coin holder: recumbent or standing
NIMBUS frame: different sizes
tubes: up to 24,5 mm Ø
transportation case: textile
miscellaneous: more equipment

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